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I tend to avoid , but not this year.
In 2024, I resolve to push back every single time someone uses the term , or .

It's a transportation catchall for "humans not safely ensconsed inside a motor vehicle," and it's lazy, inaccurate, offensive, and counterproductive.

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Habituation seems to explain motonormativity, at least a bit. "...we have come to believe that it is not possible to understand the current period — and the shifts in what counts as normal — without appreciating why and how people do not notice so much of what we live with. " - Tali Sharot & Cass Sunstein and

#CarCulture #CarBrain #motonormativity #psychology #habituation #RoadSafety #driving #BikeTooter #change

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New #research in JTLU by Jonathan Stiles and @mobileharv: "The built environment and the determination of fault in urban #pedestrian #crashes : Toward a systems-oriented crash investigation."

Hey friends: Can you help spread the word about a survey on the impacts of school transportation disruptions on DPS kids & families?

Please help us get this out to your networks! Thank you!

(we're not affiliated with DPS)

My head is spinning. My are amazing.

Proving something fundamental (like the circumference of the earth!) or teaching dimensional analysis with animals, or graph theory, or simultaneous equations (which their teacher has told them to just guess at), or, well, y'all just have to read the thread. There's some incredibly fun stuff in here.

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Hi people! If you had half an hour a handful of incredibly bright, incredibly bored 10 year olds, what math would you teach them?

The 4th grade math curriculum is letting these kids down, and they are hungry for a challenge...and to see that math can be fun again!

in advance!

We celebrated Peterson's one week anniversary yesterday. Our brave hero--born from a handful of puppy floof, 2 earplugs, and a broken bit of chalk--has successfully protected our screen-loving kiddo (from playing dumb video games her school signed her up for) for over 7 gloriously happy days.

This was never our intent, but the kid loves , and hasn't once considered dislodging him in order to access the ipad.

I mean there are few things in the world less interesting than the windows log-in screen

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my first social media post to go viral after leaving that other place was a post on threads about the windows log-in screen


deleted that patriarchy post because they fixed it and are trying to fix the system as well. IYKYK

Good morning to my friends. I need a favor from you!
Some colleagues and I are studying the impacts of school bus service disruptions on families, and need help getting a survey out to parents and neighborhoods. @ me please and thank you!

Random .

Say you're wearing your bluetooth earbuds as ear plugs in your own home, not connected to anything, and they suddenly start playing music, how might you go about finding the source of said music?

It's neither of the 2 devices said earbuds are connected to.

Wallethub included me in a panel of experts to talk about insurance for "high risk" drivers and I argued with their entire premise. To their credit, they published my response anyway

TL;DR: people are "high risk drivers" in many cases due to factors beyond their control. Jacking up their insurance rates helps the insurers but doesn't actually solve the problem.

TL;DR: people are "high risk drivers" in many cases due to factors beyond their control. Jacking up their insurance rates helps the insurers but doesn't actually solve the problem.


UNC-Chapel Hill is seeking 2 two full-time Assistant Professors in city & regional !!
Position 1: intersection of planning and #**communication. **Applications due** March 1**:  
Position 2: intersection of planning and #**PersonalFinance**. Applications due **March 22**:  
Full time, 9-month positions w/ 3-3 teaching load. Expected start date **July 1, 2024**

I recently switched from a step-over with a somewhat aggressive riding position (and famously no rear brake to an upright, step-thru model.

And the number of older women who have stopped to talk to me about , and about their hopes that they can regain some mobility and freedom with an e-bike, has been amazing.

-- especially compact, accessible ones -- really can change lives!

Fellow riders - friendly reminder to angle your headlights slightly down and kick off your high beams in high traffic areas or when you see another road/path user headed toward you...just as you would in a car!

I met a lovely lady this morning who told me about having been blinded on our local bike path while walking her dog last night. Wasn't me, but I can see how it could have been.

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No one asked me… but if we all viewed the Str0ng T0wns ‘movement’ as having only limited applicability to urban contexts in red areas, we’d all be a lot better off.

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