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In the Washington Post, my take on Tesla Autopilot:

“Even if [Tesla owners] accept [Autopilot's risks], what about everyone on a public road or street who is not in a Tesla? None of us signed on to be a guinea pig.”

#tesla #safety #streets

I'm not sure who's more excited about tomorrow morning's -- my kid or me. I've heard from 8 families who are definitely coming, and evidently kids are talking it about it all over school.

I'm bracing for the most glorious, chaotic morning I've had in a very long time.

It appears x is hiding posts from the about the town council meeting tonight.

They were there, and then, poof, gone.

Relatedly, does anyone else feel like they have a sixth sense about when the person coming up behind this is going to pull a stunt like this? I do, and am pretty sure it's why I'm still alive today.

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When we say it's not helpful to tell people on bicycles to "wear bright clothing," this is why:

Broad daylight, yellow helmet, orange jacket, 8 separate lights, arm stretched out signaling a left turn like my life depends on it.

Until drivers decide to GAF, it doesn't matter if we light ourselves up like a Christmas tree.

What color clothing am I supposed to wear around drivers who see me and just don't give a $hit?

TL;DR: frittata needed!

My niece is getting married next weekend and I have just learned I have been assigned the tast of making frittatas for pre-wedding . I'm a capable home cook, but my partner generally handles all breakfasty-things, so I'm not exactly in my comfort zone here.

Please send me your best frittata and tips, esp. re for a crowd! Assume I'm an idiot.

Thank you!!!

Making kids use computer games that force them to do repetitive, high-speed arithmetic exercises is stupid.

Learn how to do calculations on paper. And then learn how to make the computer do the reps for you.

Not everything needs to be gamified is the hill I will die on.

I'm just so dang tired of a transportation system that routinely creates chaos and expects everyone to just deal with it, perfectly, every single time.

Today I had to choose between following the letter of the law and keeping my kid from unwittingly riding into a likely deadly situation. I chose the latter, got yelled at by a very angry lady, saved my kid.

And then we had yet another conversation about how our roads are designed as if everything is always perfect even though we know it's not.

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The license plate of the trifler really just feels familiar, ya know? Like this wasn't our first meeting.

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On a day I am not to be trifled with, someone trifled with me.

to be fair my kid did learn an important lesson about potential energy that day

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I'm maybe overly sensitive to this because my kid HAS gotten hurt at school. She got hurt when a wooden rocking chair fell off a table onto her actual head. There was lots of blood. She was absolutely traumatized. The school made zero effort to minimize the chance this could happen again.
So don't you dare come at me with "your child can't move her body in this completely natural way because she might get hurt doing it"

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4. Policing totally fun, normal, kid-like movements such as cartwheels is a slippery slope toward policing other things about their bodies.
5. There are FAR more dangerous things about school than the risk of pulling a hamstring or breaking a bone doing a cartwheel. IDK maybe we can start with guns, cars, mold, COVID, book bans, assault, bullying, hell even chocolate milk in the lunch line.

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It's perturbing because:
1. Kids need movement. It's important not just for their wellbeing in the moment but also for neuromuscular development.
2. If certain movements pose risks to other kids, then kids should be encouraged to develop ground rules for those movements. Having kids learn how to have fun while also caring for others is a skill, and what better way to develop it?
3. Banning certain movements deprives kids of the opportunity to develop their own judgment about their capabilities

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So anyway, here's my question:

Has your kid's school banned particular movements during recess, "for your child's safety?"
Our kid reports that cartwheels, handstands, and backbends are now forbidden, even when done in wide open spaces. I'm pretty perturbed about this for a whole lot of reasons, and am looking for advice on how to approach the school.

*caveat that yes, I have confirmed from others that my kid isn't making this up.

IDK what's different about this place, but it's different from the rest of the internet.

Here, I ask a and get a dozen excellent answers with minutes., and pick up half a dozen new friends in the proces.

Me: I have a question about X
Everyone else: You should be asking about Y. You should be asking different people. You are generally a stupid human.

Thank you, , for being different.

We've got 5 kids/3 families on board for our elementary school's first ever next week!
A small but thrilling start.

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