: what are your favorite tools for visualizing new and designs?

If you wanted to communicate how a proposed intersection or roadway redesign would look and feel to the public, what would you use?
I'm looking specifically for examples of tools that are fairly easy to use by non-experts and can create realistic renderings suitable for engagement.

Thank you!

@DrTCombs I remember seeing this simple web-based tool that shows a cross-section of a road, and you can easily add and move around things like bus stops, cycle paths etc. But I can't seem to find the link now 😔


@gendor Streetmix does that really well, but only for street cross-sections. I'm hoping for some options that also can do intersections. Bonus points if it has the ability to integrate existing imagery (so if you have a statue on one corner of the intersection, say, you can have the same statue in your visualization).

I hope I'm not looking for a unicorn.

@DrTCombs Ah yes, Streetmix, that's it!

Regarding existing imagery, that reminded me of this post using a helmet cam to create a 3D model of a street: aus.social/@jakecoppinger/1094 (not exactly what you were asking, but maybe a breadcrumb to find what you're looking for?)

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