: what are your favorite tools for visualizing new and designs?

If you wanted to communicate how a proposed intersection or roadway redesign would look and feel to the public, what would you use?
I'm looking specifically for examples of tools that are fairly easy to use by non-experts and can create realistic renderings suitable for engagement.

Thank you!

@DrTCombs How non-professional are we talking? Enscape has definitely flattened the visualization learning curve a LOT, but it still requires considerable professional knowledge (need to have a model to visualize, etc).


@daniel_meyers ooooh, I see Enscape is available as a plugin for SketchUp. It all looks a bit overwhelming to me at first glance, but I'm curious to give it a try. Thank you.

(these people have considerable subject matter knowledge, but not so much 'making computers do what they want them to' knowledge)

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