The kid's grown six inches in two years and still isn't tall enough to be seen over the hood of these ridiculous death machines prowling our neighborhood streets. Good thing my F-250 has radar in the front to alert me of things I can not see.


@gme oh, and the truck has checks in place to determine whether the radar is working 100% of the time, and shuts the whole vehicle down when it detects an issue, right? It gives me an alert if something is wrong. It also has a collision warning system that's supposed to (never tested it) prevent me from hitting something in front of me. Starts off passive and then moves to active collision avoidance the closer I get (if I'm going over a certain speed). Again, never tested it because I don't want to intentionally hit anything.

@gme @DrTCombs What year? I've got a 2017 and I don't believe its "Active" avoidance. But once it starts flashing the red lights at you on the windshield, it preloads the brakes so that as soon you apply, you're getting a LOT of stopping power. But I thought Ford wasn't doing Active on the superdutys because when you're towing a trailer - at times, the best option is to drive right into whatever is in front of you since swerving or braking really hard can make a bad situation a LOT worse.. 2022

Also maybe it's not active when I'm in towing mode? I do tow a 42' fifth wheel with it and the truck is definitely aware when I'm in towing mode or when the trailer umbilical is hooked up.

That could be. I'd have to go back and read the manual. It definitely changes things when you've got a trailer hooked up. I've got 2 goosenecks that I run up close to 15k # with...

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