Need a holiday gift for a transit nerdy friend or colleague? We got you covered. Bus and Bike Only scarves! They're super warm and as I found out on Instagram your kids might steal it from you for the ride home.

@bhereth how cool! Our site is and you can check out some data stories on the blog, like this one about

We're also building a modelling tool on top but still only in Dutch :)

always happy to arrange a friendly virtual chat

@jamesbicycle @bikepedantic of course!

Ours are inexpensive devices (<CAD$150) that currently run on a Raspberry Pi and are put in a home/biz window with a view of a street / trail. They're not really built for outdoor use [this adds considerably to the cost]. They're used to count pedestrians, bikes, cars and trucks and ideal for minor & residential streets.

We have an upgraded device coming out in 2023 that does more modes using

V. happy to chat if you need more?

Hello all! Just saw from @bikepedantic that this place had been set up for mobility talk, and loving the idea of a dedicated instance.

I'm based in London (UK), but I work for a startup based in Leuven (Belgium) called Telraam. We have a multi-modal traffic counting device designed for citizen science, and giving residents and campaigners more opportunities to be engaged and involved with local traffic and mobility plans that affect them.

Looking forward to hear about yr projects

Since we're into (and I see others here are too 🎉 ) here's a link to the traffic passing the window next to me here on the South Circular (A205) in London.

Now you can see why I care personally as well as professionally!

"Bicycles let people move with greater speed without taking up significant amounts of scarce space, energy, or time...Cyclists become masters of their own movements without blocking those of their fellows."
—Ivan Illich, 1974.

"As the city filled with mobile strangers, even next-door neighbours became strangers. This is the story of the motorcar, and it has not much longer to run."
—Marshall McLuhan, 1964, anticipating the results of Appleyard's research.

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To celebrate 1K followers here, something I have been wanting to figure out for a long time: a slippy #Mapbox map with an overlaid #D3 #SVG map synced to it:

This means: Mapbox base layers and controls + all the D3 geo goodness like great circles, geoCircles and curved line interpolations!

Of course, built with #Svelte

New after to a new instance (thanks @colby for creating a space for transportation folks). I’m an assistant professor of at Graduate School of Design. My teaching and focus on planning, especially and .

Hello, I'm a Travel Demand Modeler and Application Developer with Wasatch Front Regional Council, the MPO for the Salt Lake City area. I joined WFRC in March 2020 right as the office was shutting down for COVID. Prior to WFRC, I was a transportation engineer in the private sector for fifteen years. I spent time in both Columbus, Ohio and Chicago before returning to Utah in 2013. I went to Ohio State for grad school and BYU for undergrad. I love biking to work and studying Korean.

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