A modern bike room for employees in the new 355 Main Street building in Kendall Square. Photo taken at 9:30am, Wednesday March 22nd. Outdoor temperature 39F.

Anyway, told ya so. Eager to see what’s next for Route 1 Boulevard.

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The folks in the story saying that some growth in the area is still inevitable are correct. A master plan that was more flexible and timeless, and less reeking of Amazon hubris, could have been a productive part of that.

This would have required an Arlington that views Pentagon City as an actual part of Arlington, and not a revenue-generating PPP that benefits Real Arlington.

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Just sayin’, maybe if the new Pen Place master plan were less of a supervillain campus and more of a city, we could be talking about how Amazon reprogramming discrete parcels to… build more city. dcist.com/story/23/03/17/amazo

Look, I cry over anything lately, but I also cried when I saw these

It's so friendly here I sometimes feel awkward following people - like I should introduce myself - so a general . Also, hashtags.

I research in , Australia, using a lot of GIS, , , .

I probably followed you because I liked your thoughts about Australian , , , or , or you work at too and seem cool.

Je suis aussi capable de toot un peu de l', et j'aime suivre ça.

A List of Things People Blamed on Bicycles


sign of mastodon progress for me is seeing more folks live-tooting local government meetings.

DYK: As a US Federal employee, you are eligible to enroll upon starting work to FEGLI, a life insurance program that charges very reasonable premiums, and allows you to insure yourself for up to four times (4x) your annual salary, AND ….

<taps mic>

*it has no health questions*. Ask me how I know all this.

If you are one of the many newly-disabled US citizens, seeking Fed employment isn’t a bad option if you’re still working.

Had an all-time lousy Smarch, bodychecked by grief today… but my plantar fasciitis pain is mostly gone. You are my bright spot, new insoles.

Reminder, with the IPCC report sure to get headlines tomorrow: because climate touches everything, wherever you are, whatever you are good at, you are well placed to make a difference on climate.

Broadway in #CambMA (Eco-Totem)
459 riders on Sat Mar 18

81 percentile of Saturdays in March

A Brief History of Kids Today Have No Respect


Sharing from the other site. Reposted with pictures with permission. Please contact owner if seen. Owner already reported stolen on Project 529. #bikeDC


My [Bryan's] bike was stolen this week. If anyone sees an orange salsa vaya for resale - likely with a blue roadrunner handlebar bag, I’d appreciate the tip. The bike has a lot of fond memories for me.

Once you notice that the dogs on Bluey only seem to couple up within their own breed, you can’t unsee it

Cargo Bike Test Ride event, April 30 at 10AM at Danehy Park in . Great chance to let people figure out what all the possibilities are. I’ll be dragging every parent buddy who’s ever admired or places their kid in my cargobike. familybikeride.org/testdrive?f

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