Feel like it's depression creeping in through the opening fatigue has left this week...

but you ever feel like no one is rooting for you, even as you can easily name like 10-20 people who definitely are?

Ridership on Boston’s commuter rail lines plummeted when Covid shut things down. By the end of March 2020, it was 10% of what it had been a year before. Now ridership on these lines is back to 90% and rising. But there are differences. Biggest: Weekend travel is 150% of pre-Covid levels. What does this tell us? #Transit can no longer be just a ride to work and back. It must be about all sorts of travel. commonwealthbeacon.org/transpo

The Transportation Research Board magazine TR News becomes freely available 4 months after publication, so this summer’s accessibility-focused edition, “Addressing Transportation and Accessibility for All” (TRN 346, Jul-Aug 2023), is now unlocked....

PDF: onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/

I told one of my jokes on a Zoom meeting today.

Turns out I’m not even remotely funny.

I’m in DC for a minute, and took a jog to see the in-process construction of the missing all-ages link, seamlessly connecting the 14th St Bridge and Mt Vernon Trail (and points beyond) to the 15th St NW PBL up to Adams Morgan. This is the network we need, being built.

OMG, this article is 💯 on point. I can't find who sent it through my feed--but THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I bet I live in the neighborhood that had the most new public transit in Massachusetts in 30 years. And that was an excruciating and almost failed 30 years. And after that, #MBTA tried to cancel our bus service.

Sierra Club tried to stop our Hydro lines; RFKJr tried to stop our windmills. It's all true.


Welcome everybody to hating the trash WaPo Ed Board as much as DC-region folks have for so many years (Brooke Pinto endorsement! Beltway widening boosting!). Pull up a chair and cancel your subscription.

New e-cargobike on Kickstarter designed for women*, for $2K. Is it a mid-drive (as pictured) or hub-drive (as stated)? Dunno.



*i have no cred with which to evaluate this claim

It remains funny that x.com still just redirects to twitter.com

bikey black friday sales:

20% off sitewide at Velo Orange
30% accessories at Woom

Any other notable ones?

It is I, the only guy in my office calling their bluff and working the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I also managed to hold coherent conversations with strangers like a big boy, so a fine start to the holidays for me.

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Unilateral decision to wypipo up the stuffing with some kale. Stay tuned!

Update: Sausage stuffing has been a substantial part of like three meals the past few days, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet, so yeah diet's fully toggled off.

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X has taken its stance. Nazis on the platform are allowed. Pro-Hitler posts are allowed. Holocaust denial is allowed.

If you stay on a platform like that, you can't escape this creeping normalization. Even if you think you can.

"Oh, there goes another Holocaust denier. Just part of being online, I guess."

"Oh, another transphobe calling people dehumanizing slurs. Well that's the Internet for you."

Creeping normalization is like advertising. Even if you think it won't influence you, it will.

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