Happy birthday to Alanis Morissette, born today in 1974 in Ottawa!
After releasing two dance-pop albums in the early 1990s, she saw huge success in 1995 with Jagged Little Pill.
In her career she has sold 75 million albums, won seven Grammys & 14 Junos.

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Ted Lasso finale 

Say what you will about the last seasons of Parks and Rec or The Good Place, but they didn’t rush us through our goodbyes.

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Ted Lasso finale 

I dunno. Hit me in the feels a few times. Satisfying in some ways. Closing montage set to a song that’s been coincidentally running on repeat in my head for a week.

But no real surprises. Minor plot lines left unresolved. Whole season felt rushed, good story concepts with incomplete execution. I’ll miss it, but I’m glad it’s over.

Really cool proposal from the city of Cambridge to improve this complex intersection.

Cc: @bikepedantic

BREAKING: Nothing on my bike atm.

EXCLUSIVE: Cargobikes are funner with two brakes and a shifter that can access the full range of gears.

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Last two days, bluebikes has failed me three straight times

I know that it is National Mental Health Awareness Month, because every third work email is an invitation to learn how to meditate or some such thing

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(Gregorian Calendar)

Monday: Greg
Tuesday: Ian
Wednesday: Greg
Thursday: Ian
Friday: Greg

Spending the last day of National Mental Health Awareness Month just randomly crying a few times during the workday, I am not a productive human resource y’all

Hello Mastodon! I'm Meghan, a reporter at @gbhnews, Boston's local NPR station. I do a little bit of everything, including reporting on #disability and #accessibility. Looking forward to connecting with people here. #introduction #introductions #gbhnews

In 2021, actor Richard E. Grant lost his wife, dialect coach Joan Washington, to lung cancer. Here, he talks about loss, sorrow, love and life's pleasures — subjects that are covered in his award-winning memoir, "A Pocketful of Happiness."


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The US Government needs an independent apolitical agency overseeing our climate change response (including/especially the transpo elements) in the same manner as the NTSB does for transpo safety.

On May 1 we put back up our bike counter on the Division bikeway in Ann Arbor and see a large increase in southbound traffic. It's likely attributed to the completion of the nearby Catherine/Miller bikeway last Nov that increased the bikeway connectivity.

omgggg!!! what a day! You all have awakened the MIGHTY @azita, our #Politics editor!

She is one of the very most interesting of my newsroom colleagues but she's having that classic new-to-the #fediverse situation where you log in and it feels like nothing is happening.

Pls follow her and connect her to ALL THE THINGS and of course tell her all about #FensterFreitag and #Caturday and @FediFollows!!! #politics #introduction #introductions #news #journalism

Hey botanerds: These little wispy seed thingies have been blowing around my MA neighborhood in mass quantities for the last week or two, it’s like a legit snowstorm sometimes.

Are these seeds? Anything I can do to help them take hold on the bare patches of my yard?

First implementation I’ve seen of the new Cambridge Play Streets permitting program is a three-kid birthday party, this is gonna be an awesome summer cambridgema.gov/Departments/co

shifter and cables
front rotor
speed sensor
front hub bearings
rear brake system (likely)
more stuff i've probably forgotten


some of this stuff i could do myself but don't want to, some i could do and think i could live without doing at all... but it's all legit, and I'm happy to cut a check to our great local shop.

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checked my ridiculous rickety cargobike in for long-deferred maintenance, and they seemed genuinely concerned for my safety and comfort with the amount of bad repair that i am willing to tolerate.

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