Been the unalloyed worst five years of my life, starting with that day, and almost all anniversaries are bittersweet at best. This is 40, kids.

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i weirdly heard that adele go-go remix blasting out a car window today, and it's just gonna be a fucking slam-cut DC-memories friday i guess

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This quirky little building at Mass/Cedar/Cameron currently houses a law firm, but in its masonry heart yearns to provide Community Pathside retail

Spread the word. I'm hiring!

We're looking for a Transportation Researcher with a passion for sustainable and equitable transportation strategies and a background in planning, engineering, or a related field. Applications due May 5.

#Academia #Job #Research #UrbanPlanning #TrafficEngineering

Just had one of those rare 15-minute bursts where I took care of a bunch of little but anxiety producing things that were weighing on me, and I feel better

Lookit, The Wharf is nice, it has good bones. Anyone building more city should copy lots of what they've done. The newest stuff is always gonna be the fanciest stuff. And if DC built many more Wharves, market rate affordability would probably filter down.

But damn, y'all just had to crow about the President not living on the most expensive street anymore.

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FYI, Americans: There is a new 30 minute Bluey episode, it is good, amd you need to watch it so I can discuss it with someone.

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Bluey: Why do stories always have happy endings?

Calypso: Well, I guess because life will give us enough sad ones


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