Warm welcome to @unitedbuses on Mastodon. This is a bus agency from Czechia serving one of the highest number of passengers on commercial bus routes in the country. It connects Prague, Brno, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové and other interresting destinations. Over the course of last 3 years we helped the build the brand, customer loyalty, and distribution to support the route development and keep costs under control. We also provide data for Google Maps.

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Hello to all transportation.social people! I represent @bileto, all-in-one booking&ticket distribution platform from Czechia, Europe.

I am going to write about (Open Sale and Distribution Model) open-source specification, our work with , timetable and new routes we distribute in the platform.

We would also like to support this instance across transportation agencies, professionals and enthusiats in CEE region.


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