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A big thank you and welcome to anyone joining the instance right now! Most of you probably know me but I will give an anyways, to set a good example... I am an independent transportation planning consultant specializing in travel demand modeling, land use forecasting, and transportation data analysis. My ulterior motive in setting this up is to create an awesome local feed full of cool transportation people and their follows 😎

Feel free to post your own when ready!

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth !

Day 17

Why is it OK for Black folk to like the Black Panthers, but white folk can't like the klan? Black supremacy is just as bad as white supremacy! Why the double standard?

The Black Panthers:

Black History Month Megathread:

A crowd destroyed a driverless Waymo car in San Francisco. I expect we will see more outbursts of Luddite energy as automation spreads from factories to more blue & white collar fields.

The question is whether governments will be as willing to suppress now as they did then?

What happened in Barcelona this past year is pretty fucking amazing. (this is not a.i.)

You want to talk about disruptive technologies that solve supply chain insecurity, transportation emission, and price inflation: publicly-owned, slow, and local rail.
No moonshots. No white elephants. No scamy new technology.
Just well-planned networks of logistical and commuter trains based on existing road networks. With diesel trains upgraded to electric engines, powered by decentralized solar/wind stations. Cheeper than new fighter jets.
#cdnpoli #nspoli #solarpunk #climatecrisis #trains

Shamelessly nicked from @fietsprofessor on Instagram - For decades, we literally spent trillions to retrofit our cities, our public spaces and our society around cars.

It just didn't work.

If only we had an alternative.
If only...

(📹 of #London by @PeterStuart3) -

Hot take: Best-friend breakups are just as traumatizing as romantic breakups and not a lot of people talk about it.

@timnitGebru You don't need to invent AGI to get a computer to tell you how to stop climate change. The following program will do this without using any deep learning or neural nets, etc.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

The problem is this is not the answer these people want to hear.


I've said before on this federated microbloggy network thingy

I'm maaaad that the most _fun_ application of LLMs — zany weird lateral thinking tools like a tarot deck or Oblique Strategies on steroids — has been torn from my hands and replaced with something that carefully generates banal spongecake content guaranteed not to surprise anyone


But what is the solarpunk approach to "Peak AI"?

Solarpunk offers a vision, in the face of gasoline, for planning community gardens, mutual aid societies, bike repair workshops, etc, even as the gasoline culture around us creaks and groans its way bloodily towards a reckoning

What is our (data science, machine learning, UX, design) equivalent of solarpunk for the concepts of automation?


Storms should be named after #FossilFuel companies

Making direct links between the polluters and the impact they cause is an urgent next step – as in “tomorrow’s terrible weather is #Storm #Esso, Storm #Shell, Storm #RangeRover” and so on...


Apparently I have had a Bluesky invite sitting in my inbox since November 😂. Finally trying it out and... almost impossible to find anyone I know, apparently? 🤷‍♂️ So yeah, I think this is going to remain my main jam, but if you're more active on Bluesky feel free to connect with me

Lawsuit pertaining to CSAM 

I'm not de-federating from Threads yet, but man, most of Meta's platforms really are trash. Also: the privacy "experts" starting a moral panic every time someone tries to tackle this problem can sit down and shut up.

"Facebook and Instagram ran content sexualizing minors next to corporate ads, lawsuit says"

This is an interesting statement because it's so widely assumed economists think generative AI will unlock huge productivity benefits. Social media had the same risks and impacts... is the conventional wisdom about technology and economic growth broken?

WEF: "AI-driven misinformation ‘biggest short-term threat to global economy’"

I'm having fomo this year. If you are there, please post updates on who/what you are seeing so I don't have to follow along on the 🐦 site

Last summer, the #Massachusetts legislature set aside $15 million in the state budget to fund fare-free transit. Now, 8 regional #transit authorities are suspending fare collection: #mapoli

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