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I'm thinking about offering a group chat service of some sort to complement I'm tempted to keep it Fedi and try out Matrix/Element (see but not sure if anyone would go there with me. Would anyone here use such a thing, and if so what platform is preferred?

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I made the invite link for into a QR code so that all you have to do is pull this up on your phone and show it to someone. It will take them right to the signup page!

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A big thank you and welcome to anyone joining the instance right now! Most of you probably know me but I will give an anyways, to set a good example... I am an independent transportation planning consultant specializing in travel demand modeling, land use forecasting, and transportation data analysis. My ulterior motive in setting this up is to create an awesome local feed full of cool transportation people and their follows 😎

Feel free to post your own when ready!

_____'s failure mode is ________.

(A) clever … asshole
(B) drone/self-driving-vehicle … murderbot
(C) NLG … bullshitter
(D) machine learning … the status quo but faster

A very useful template.

@mnl @mekkaokereke I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone quipped the reason America is worse at infrastructure than many so-called “third-world” countries is because it’s just 50 third-world countries in a trench coat. 😅

It would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

I love the subtle pushback against racism and stereotyping that happens in Mark Rober videos. I wish more SF tech people were a little more like him. ♥️👍🏿

Plus, this Zipline drone delivery is pretty cool. I'm still sad that over the past 10 years, we put so much more time + effort + resources into trying to put monkey jpegs into people's 401ks, than into technology like this.

#VisitRwanda #BlackMastodon

CALL FOR PAPERS: 5th Bridging Transportation Researchers
(BTR#5) Online Conference!

Conference Dates: August 9-10, 2023
Paper Submission deadline: April 30, 2023

At zero cost, and practically zero carbon, BTR brings transportation engineers, planners, & policymakers together globally by removing the burden of travel, the cost of registration, & greenhouse gases associated with transport & accommodations.

More information:

A huge part of selecting an apartment in London is determining the suitability of the nearby pubs.

uh... LinkedIn, why are you suggesting that I connect with the CIA? very sus...

Michael Hicks: "Remote work might be cheaper than commuting. Smaller wardrobe of suits, lower gas or toll costs, and less wear and tear on the automobile are all potential savings. However, homes must be modified to include a workspace, and broadband often must be more robust."

People could save a fortune by not having an automobile at all. But not every home has access to broadband yet.


Best picture, best original screenplay, best director, best supporting actor and actress, best actress, and best editing — Everything Everywhere All at Once won big again and again.

One of the best things about living in a #15MinuteCity is to walk to your nearest mamak store while the sun is still rising, to enjoy the quintessential #Malaysian breakfast.

#TootSEA #MYToots #Food #Breakfast

March 11 marks the 3rd anniversary of WHO’s declaration that the world was facing a pandemic.

With these photos and quotes, we looked back at the weeks leading up to that momentous declaration.

Really glad I stopped using SVB some years ago when it became clear that my firm was not about to become a unicorn

Love the views but it shouldn't take 3 days to cross the US by train.

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Tomorrow is . In the 364 days since the last , people who identify as & girls in the US have seen our rights to our own bodies stripped away, gaslighting intensified, online abuse we endure racheted up.

I frequently reflect on those few weeks a year ago when the twitterverse had a vague sense that I was a guy, and stopped gaslighting me, sealioning me, or outright attacking me:

I don't know what exhausts me more: people in the US who complain when other people get around by bike, or people in the US who complain when other people don't get around by bike.

Our streets are hostile.

It's extremely odd to me that developers are willing to build dense housing with the primary intent of offering affordable housing to the unhoused - then communities balk and nitpick. But immediately throw hands up, crying out "I'm not #nimby - I just don't like that plan and anything else offered"

#Atlanta #housing

The thing that drives me nutso about climate change is that many of the necessary changes could be awesome. A society with more leisure time, cleaner air, closer connections to friends and family who live nearer to you, more exercise, more technological innovation, more jobs, more fairness, more nature… most people would benefit from these changes.

Yes, it's vitally important to understand how much facilities are being used.
But we can't assume that actual usage--how many people ride a bus, how many cars pass by a counter--tells us what people want or need, whether they can get where they need to, or how their behaviors would change if given the opportunity.

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