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A big thank you and welcome to anyone joining the instance right now! Most of you probably know me but I will give an anyways, to set a good example... I am an independent transportation planning consultant specializing in travel demand modeling, land use forecasting, and transportation data analysis. My ulterior motive in setting this up is to create an awesome local feed full of cool transportation people and their follows 😎

Feel free to post your own when ready!

It’s not doomscrolling anymore, it’s hopescrolling.

Remember: There is another candidate who is also too old to be President and mentally not there, and now everyone should say so and hound him out of the race too.

The rebranding of linear algebra and statistics as machine learning never fails to annoy me. 😩

Brilliant, simple, true.

"The single biggest thing a city can do to reduce traffic congestion is to decrease the distance between where people live and the places they need to go on a daily basis."

This might be the best #NotJustBikes urban design video I've seen.

#Japan #urbanism #Cars

In order to understand how compromised the American media is, all you need to do is look at what is MISSING. MISSING is any commentary about a convicted felon who is the same age (for all intents and purposes) as the other guy and who says INSANE, DEMENTED, DANGEROUS AND DICTATOR LIKE THINGS ON THE DAILY.


Kamala has the best chance to win. She had a primary in 2016, and beat all the dudes who people are proposing to replace her. The only person more popular, is Biden.

Even today, when polled head to head v Trump, she beats all other Dem hopefuls, except Biden.

She runs circles around either Biden or Trump on a debate stage.

Y'all are pretending like a prosecutor, AG, Senator, VP, is somehow being handed something because she "kinda deserves it, but isn't the best option."

it kind of boggles my mind that in all the hype talk about new and better web browsers I never see anyone mention Min ( I stumbled across it when looking for something with lower RAM consumption; a particularly big issue for me because I usually have so many data science things going on in the background... Min just blows away everything else I've tried. plus it has a thoughtful design that really seeks to minimize clutter and distractions, and I think actually works.

Still true: Biden's age, isn't about Biden's age. Biden's age, is about Kamala's skin.

There are millions of Americans that unironically think that stopping Trump is the most important thing in the world... but also think, "Wait a minute! If Biden can't finish his term, that Black woman gets to be president!"

🤔So I guess stopping Trump is only the second most important thing in the world.

To my alt-browser geeks out there, you should really check out Min, a minimalist, open-source web browser with built-in ad blocking and privacy protection. It also has a really nice way of organizing tabs into "tasks" that is saving my sanity during this deadline hell week.

Long thread/2 

But no matter how much public transit we install, there's always going to be *some* personal vehicles on the road, and not just bikes, ebikes and scooters. Between deliveries, accessibility, and stubbornly low-density regions, there's going to be a lot of cars, vans and trucks on the road for the foreseeable future, and these *should* be electric.


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my dad asked me if "I like trains" is some sort of code in the queer community because he has been seeing it in telegram bios a lot

this is too funny wtf

Tuesday's Most Read # 3 - Banks Are Finally Realizing What Climate Change Will Do to Housing Wired Magazine

Bruno Marchand, the mayor of Quebec City, shows how to masterfully handle a bad-faith reporter.

So wish there were more politicians like this able to dismantle prevailing #motonormativity arrogance in the media.

#QuebecCity #Quebec #CarCulture #Cycling #WinterCycling #SnowRemoval #PropertyTaxes

The kid was returning a BB gun to a mall, which is not something that carries the death penalty last I checked.

The man—who was a danger—decided the child—who was in danger—was a danger.

He was encouraged to do this by our dominant cultural narrative.

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