At the Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair, there was a workshop on anarchist ecology based on the classic text Towards and Anarchist Ecology by Knowing the Land is Resistance:

It was based on the chapter called Re-enchanting, about how maintaining a connection to wild spaces can fuel us in struggle and nourish our spirits.

One participant brought up a critique of affect-driven politics, of having our engagements shaped by what feels good. They said Re-enchanting was the part of the text that spoke to them least and were surprised the presenter chose to focus the workshop on it. Here are a couple of reflections on that:


@cedar love these quotes:

"dominator ecology... is the ecology of management from a distance, and of remote expertise, that sees itself as fundamentally separate from the land, inhabiting a present without a past or future.”

"five starting points for an anti-colonial, anti-authoritarian way of connecting with the land... are: rooted in relationships, deep listening, urban ecology, re-enchanting, and unexpertness."

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