You know what's super encouraging to government staff who are legitimately trying to change things for the better and make progress, albeit incrementally? Minimizing actually good projects and pointing out everything else that you think needs to be done (and is also on our to-do lists) /s

It just feels so much like nothing is ever good enough and actually makes me/us very very discouraged

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A cool lil training station where you can practice mounting your bike to a bus in peace.

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BREAKFAST LINKS 1/31/2024: Bowser holds firm: Caps and Wizards stay or DC will invest $500M offer in new property uses. Temporary Arlington bus storage yard could become permanent. Baltimore’s new tree planting fees undermine its canopy goal.:

I think the Oscar committee might be stuck in their Mojo Dojo Casa Houses.

My 8 year old said "we should get one of those old timey cameras that print the photo right away" so now I'm pretty sure I need to start researching retirement communities or something.

Being from the deep south really clicks in when I try to read the name of the country Chile 🇨🇱 but my brain first goes to the way we pronounce child back home "Chiiillle"

Beating the same old drum that we have to at least try (de)congestion pricing if we ever want to get to the climate and safety goals we have committed to. We have to disincentivize driving because this current thing isn't working for anyone.

Something that the public, especially white collar, paints with a broad brush is that people working for government took the position as an easy job doing the minimum to get by.

Most folks I know & see everyday are totally the opposite. We CHOOSE to do this very hard work to make a difference and move the needle to better.

In the highly educated DC region, those not trained in the transportation industry just think you're incompetent or obstinate, missing something that's JUST SO OBVIOUS

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In this latest Transit Diary, join Renée Moore from the Washington Area Bicyclist Association as she travels around the region mostly by bike – and delivers lots of food for Food Rescue DC along the way.

All good blessings to the kid on my train seeing bumper to bumper traffic on the inbound bridge into DC and saying "Boooo! Booooo driving! Boring in traffic! It's 100 degrees!" And kudos to their parent who probably explained to them why they take the train versus drive.

When are we going to get actual viable and sustainable alternatives to longer distance travel within the US other than flying? I want better and faster rail!

TFW you realize someone you're talking to doesn't have the same values as you

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What happens when cities tear out highways and build parks 🌳, public transport corridors 🚌and segregated bike lanes 🚲?

➡️ Traffic gets better.

The phenomenon is called 🚗Traffic evaporation🚗

Here is how it works 👇👇

Ted Lasso content 

That scene with Rebecca/little Rebecca in the mirror...whew... they didn't have to go and hit me right in the heart.

Also if Sam Richardson doesn't win a guest star Emmy for this it's a crime.

and finally some Phoebe content!

That's gonna be a hard no for me on getting rid of teleworking. The two hours I save on my telework days before and after work allow me to keep my house and family functioning with laundry, meals, and more. In the before times my anxiety and stress were way higher because the 40 hour work week is injust to begin with. It's built on the assumption that there's a domestic partner at home doing everything else.

For the days when Mount Vernon Trail or Anacostia riverfront trail are flooded or too congested or just not nature-ing enough for you there's this!

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