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An I am an associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Kentucky, and currently a visiting professor at TU Munich. I teach transportation engineering, data science and the science of cities. My research focuses on data and models to inform transportation infrastructure and policy decisions.

Congratulations to Dr. Vedant Goyal on passing his PhD defense! He examined whether ride-hailing affects road safety outcomes. The short answer is: not much. Well done, Dr. Goyal.

Are transit ridership forecasts accurate? We’ll done Jawad Hoque!

Come check out my poster with Alex Mucci at happening now! Ride-hailing sharing and matching in Chicago: Travel time, cost and choice models.

Computers are supposed to make processes cheaper and more efficient, but Lyft has done the opposite to taxi dispatching, in a big way. It's honestly baffling.

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“Elevating, funding, and prioritizing high-quality bus service means more access to jobs, faster trips home to family, less pollution in our cities, and a more vibrant quality of life for everyone."

In the December edition of Highways Magazine I go after UK roundabout design and suggest that the authors of the Design Manual for Roads & Bridges try and cross their designs. Digital edition free as always

After 1.5 years of infighting between the coalition parties, Berlin is about to approve a new mobility law that aims to reduce car use, reallocate street space away from cars & parking and introduce more parking pricing. But there will be no road pricing.

Hi I'm Conor and I cover housing stuff for the NYT. Recently moved to LA from Oakland. Like many sane people I had been trying and failing to divorce Twitter for time/mental health reasons, but the recent fracas has been a great push. So here I am. I'm not great with tech so please excuse the inevitable stumbles. #introductions

Work from home has been a huge boon to employment access for disabled people.

“The jobless rate for disabled workers — typically in double digits and 12.3% two years ago — dropped to 5.8% in November … the lowest rate for people with disabilities since record-keeping began in 2008.”

So! Since it's now been publicly announced, & before this platform becomes🗑️, I have some news! At the end of the year, I'll be leaving @BostonRegionMPO to be Deputy Director of Regional Transit Planning for @MBTA. Video of a very sweet goodbye at the MPO:

State #transportation agencies are divided over a proposed rule to track greenhouse gases and act accordingly.

Here’s what the head of Washington State DOT had to say: “We’re at a point of diminishing returns where building new #highways costs more and more and we get less and less out of it.”

More rural states tend to push back.

#Climate #ClimateAction #TransportationPolicy

I suppose I'm overdue for an introduction... Was born and raised in Indiana, attended Purdue for undergrad (Math/Stats, Psychology) and the University of Washington (Civil Engineering, Applied Math) for grad school. Worked at the Indianapolis MPO for a year and a half doing land use modeling and other nerdy number things, and then four years at DVRPC and the past year at SANDAG doing travel model development (mostly of the activity-based variety).

Some of you may have seen Elon Musk's endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s crazy antivax conspiracy theories today.

Over at, I just posted a long-form piece about this, and about how science education needs to adapt to online disinformation.

Please a look. If you like it, boost it there or here or — if you dare — over on the birdsite.

I feel attacked !
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GPT3 describes how social scientists deceive themselves in ways special to them. Very accurate! I would have found it hard to better this as concisely. #socialscience #gpt3 #ai

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