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😊 One of my main PhD papers is out: 'Incorporating diminishing returns to opportunities in access: Development of an open-source walkability index based on multi-activity accessibility'.

What it's about 🧵

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It's so friendly here I sometimes feel awkward following people - like I should introduce myself - so a general . Also, hashtags.

I research in , Australia, using a lot of GIS, , , .

I probably followed you because I liked your thoughts about Australian , , , or , or you work at too and seem cool.

Je suis aussi capable de toot un peu de l', et j'aime suivre ça.

This morning in Paris, busy bike lane outside my great-aunt’s place 😍🚴

I really like these bike lanes that are level with the footpath. Don’t quite get why we’re so intent on building awkward little channels in Sydney. The cyclists weren’t encroaching on the footpath even when they were backed up, just queuing politely (though it seemed like the more impatient types use the road here instead).

📢 New paper: A participatory mapping approach to capturing perceived walkability

🖌️ Perceived walkability in Sydney collected by 'spraypainting', because who needs polygons?

🚶 Compared results to a previously published walkability index

🗺️ Method, with comments, can capture rich knowledge about walkable areas and streets, and reveal gaps in walkability models

Last paper out from my PhD, very happy to see it in print.

My university's sustainability report contains several acknowledgements that the post-COVID return to high levels of business travel is a problem, but absolutely 0 plans to do anything about it. Inspiring stuff.

Because thinking about Broadway: every time I use the underpass at Railway Square I feel like some sort of distance contraction is at play.

Arrows for non-Sydney people to show where the ramp leading up to Railway Square is located in the tunnel, and roughly where it emerges.

I find my brain can't quite reconcile how short the tunnel seems vs how wide the road.

I think it shows how the brain (correctly) perceives the 8 lanes of traffic like a dangerous gulf to avoid crossing at all costs.

It's a bit anti-climactic, the modern thesis submission - no 300 page book all printed out - but on the plus side one can do it from France :)

Now for a few days off!

I've been a bit quiet here lately so general life update: recently moved to France where I'm aiming to finish my thesis, have a baby, and find a postdoc, hopefully in that order.

Here enjoying the European luxury: trains with power points! on the way to Brittany to visit some of my French in-laws.

The first pre-release of GeoPandas 1.0 is out! 🎉

Please help us test the alpha version to catch all the nasty bugs that may be there. You can install it from PyPI using `pip install geopandas --pre -U`. To get an idea about the changes, you can check the changelog - or a blogpost by @martinfleis - All the API changes are (hopefully) included and further pre-releases shall not change any behavior. It is time to test now!

"The moves must appear in the right order or sequence to become a dance. If you start with your hands down to your hips instead of out in front of you, you ARE dancing, but it’s NOT the Macarena.

So it is with the Macarena as it is with writing the discussion section of your thesis"

- thank you @thesiswhisperer, this bit of lightness is exactly what I needed right now!

No disrespect to people killed or disrupted by falling bridges, but it would be nice to get even a tenth of that attention on road safety, the lack of which kills more than a million people globally each year, including 40k Americans, and injures many times more - a number that is going up when it should go down.

#BridgeCollapse #RoadSafety


Why is it so common for postdoc job ads to just be titled "Postdoctoral Fellow" or similar?? Give us a topic, field, faculty... anything

Had a week off showing the in-laws (over from France for the first time) around Sydney and environs. Here's me having my morning coffee in 'bed' at Little Beach, Bouddi National Park :)

The sort of break that takes your mind off work effectively... but also makes you quite happy that it's over!

writing my thesis in VSCode today... feels like I've become some kind of VSCode addict

Things I really don’t need a month before submitting thesis: swollen laptop battery and now it’s crashing on power (battery removed) too 😨

- Writing research plans for postdoc applications -> anxiety and guilt about whether I am working on climate change to the extent that I could be.

Only real reassuring thing is remembering I am just one part of a whole community of people who care about this, especially on here. Thankful for that.

Does anybody have examples of designs for #ADA parking stalls in combination with a two-way, parking-protected on-street cycle track? It seems like your city staff think the only way is to have the parking right up to the curb and the cycle-track swerving around it. I wonder if there are alternatives that work well for #accessibility and also make for good bike facilities. @sofio or @bikepedantic maybe?

Went for a ride this morning, and came back across Anzac Bridge.
The Rozelle interchange, now open, makes me want to weep. Nineteen lanes of traffic wide, it sprawls across a huge tract of what should be prime public land. So expensive, so much pollution, so much urban blight and for so little benefit.

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