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😊 One of my main PhD papers is out: 'Incorporating diminishing returns to opportunities in access: Development of an open-source walkability index based on multi-activity accessibility'.

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It's so friendly here I sometimes feel awkward following people - like I should introduce myself - so a general . Also, hashtags.

I research in , Australia, using a lot of GIS, , , .

I probably followed you because I liked your thoughts about Australian , , , or , or you work at too and seem cool.

Je suis aussi capable de toot un peu de l', et j'aime suivre ça.

writing my thesis in VSCode today... feels like I've become some kind of VSCode addict

Things I really don’t need a month before submitting thesis: swollen laptop battery and now it’s crashing on power (battery removed) too 😨

- Writing research plans for postdoc applications -> anxiety and guilt about whether I am working on climate change to the extent that I could be.

Only real reassuring thing is remembering I am just one part of a whole community of people who care about this, especially on here. Thankful for that.

Does anybody have examples of designs for #ADA parking stalls in combination with a two-way, parking-protected on-street cycle track? It seems like your city staff think the only way is to have the parking right up to the curb and the cycle-track swerving around it. I wonder if there are alternatives that work well for #accessibility and also make for good bike facilities. @sofio or @bikepedantic maybe?

Went for a ride this morning, and came back across Anzac Bridge.
The Rozelle interchange, now open, makes me want to weep. Nineteen lanes of traffic wide, it sprawls across a huge tract of what should be prime public land. So expensive, so much pollution, so much urban blight and for so little benefit.

PATH letter to COP28

Did you know that mode shift does more to fight climate change than EV? This diagram from Bloomberg illustrates just how many barrels of oil internationally have been saved through EV (four wheeler) vs eBike and moped uptake (two and three wheeler): Read more about it here: Walking can do even more. In Australia, the Climate Council's report "Changing Gear" highlights the need for this transition in Australia, quantifying the target we must reach to hit Net Zero at just…

New post on my by train and bike blog that I tend to forget to promote very much: Mt Alexandra and Mt Gibraltar, Mittagong

From WalkSydney: Why is City of Sydney removing zebra crossings?

> Despite community opposition, City of Sydney Council is proceeding with a proposal to rip up two pedestrian-priority zebra crossings on Mitchell Road in Alexandria and Erskineville. Instead of investing in safety upgrades, it wants to replace them with pedestrian-delaying traffic lights at a cost of roughly $1 million.

A petition against is at

#sydney #urbanism #auspol

Writing a paper for the Greater Cities Commission = trying not to get sucked down the path of governmental garble. Today's highlight: "This page summarises the relevant NSW Government policies that frame the development of options to address issues and opportunities associated with achieving a project or plan’s vision and objectives."


And if the robots are all chill, below-the-speed-limit drivers, it will become much more difficult for other drivers to speed around them, and people will have to unlearn aggressive driving even if they still want to drive themselves.

I'm now kinda looking forward to a future where I take over Mitchell Road, side by side with my fellow cyclist, without fear or guilt. Got to be optimistic about something in this messed up world!

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... I felt much safer than in Australia, and it took a remarkably little time to build that trust, based on the behaviour of a subset of drivers, and apply it to the drivers as a whole. Without being able to speak to or in some cases even see drivers, you can get a vibe of whether you are respected as just another person getting down the road, or an aberrant other getting in the way.

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Why do I think it won't be too hard to gain that trust - note I'm not talking about the technical side of identifying cyclists. I have no idea about that and how close we are.

I mean from the human side, why will I feel safe knowing autonomous cars are driving around me? Well, it's not like I get to make eye contact with every human driver and assess whether they seem sane, competent and calm, particularly drivers behind me. Some trust is already involved. I've cycled in countries where [...]

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Random thoughts. I'm actually pretty optimistic about AVs as far as comfort for other people on the roads, especially cycling.

*If* we get to a point where I feel at least as much trust that the robot will see me as the average driver - and building this trust is probably easier than people imagine - I can cycle without worrying about abuse, harassment and unsafe passing from drivers who are irrationally upset by the presence of cyclists. Robots will have no such feelings :)

The CRC RACE for 2030 Pathways to Net Zero Precincts (NZP) project has been awarded to Curtin University for a three year period and includes 3 PhD scholarships. The project’s overarching research question is: How do we integrate appropriate design, technologies and governance models to enable net zero to work effectively in different urban fabrics?

#phd #scholarship #wa

their vehicle, even when it's objectively expensive and inconvenient - and these people nowadays are overwhelmingly choosing these high-fronted SUVs and 'trucks'.

So we have streets where the parked cars, mostly used for occasional weekend trips, are a mix of smaller and older cars. But the vehicles actually passing me (as I stand at the bus stop musing) are on average larger.

Is this effect inevitable with any increase in sustainable mode share?

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Thinking about the big cars/SUVs/utes in Sydney at the moment. I think there's probably an evaporative cooling effect (thanks that makes things look even worse than they 'are', in areas like mine.

Erskineville has really high rates of people cycling, walking and taking public transport to work. So who's left in vehicles? People who need them - so genuine tradie utes, heavy vehicles, etc. And people whose identity is involved in driving and (...)

Seen on this street last night but I did not take a photo because it involved other people's children: groups of largish (10-12yo) kids doing trick or treating with high vis vests over their costumes 😞

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"We conclude that the RCB (Remaining Carbon Budget) for a 50% chance of keeping warming to 1.5 °C is around 250 GtCO2 as of Jan 2023, equal to around six years of current CO2 emissions. For a 50% chance of 2 °C the RCB is around 1,200 GtCO2."

An update to the IPCC's CO2 budgets, which are several years old, in terms of newer data and updated methods. NOT good news.

Follows a previous paper in ESSD by Forster et al. (2023) with comparable findings.

Open access:

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