There is a study: "...courtesy of our good friends in Japan, children who live closer to train stations have, in their words, 'better hyperactivity outcomes' and less issues with inattention. While the negative impact of ambient noise on mental health is known, this is an interesting outcome, and shows that this whole area of impacting on mental health is extremely complex."

- Mobility Matters Daily #464

European private/independent rail operators and ticket distributors are represented by . You can now follow them at @allrail.

Hello to all people! I represent @bileto, all-in-one booking&ticket distribution platform from Czechia, Europe.

I am going to write about (Open Sale and Distribution Model) open-source specification, our work with , timetable and new routes we distribute in the platform.

We would also like to support this instance across transportation agencies, professionals and enthusiats in CEE region.

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