my wife's company is trying to convince people to return to the office because one of their executives thinks its embarrassing when clients come by and the offices are empty, anyways, theatre students always need some pocket money and if someone wants to join my exciting new "potemkin village as a service" startup

ChatGPT vs Bard (from Google). Based on this one example, Bard has a lot of work to do. Bard for eg. does not find the right libraries and the code is incomplete. Note that this has not been tested with any data but in reading the code, ChatGPT is more complete than Bard.

IPCC lead author at live presser: It's a given that we'll top 1.5 C early next decade. The question is whether the brakes are applied or we blast through to much higher temperatures. Streaming:
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"risks are increasing with every increment of warming" #ClimateChange #IPCC2023 #ClimateEmergency Thank you @revkin for covering this on #SustainWhat

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@MITdusp created TILE2NET, an open-source tool that creates maps of sidewalks and crosswalks:

The same people who cry “politicization” over charges around a porn star hush money cover-up designed to swing a national election brought perjury and obstruction articles against another president for lying about a blowjob.

Spare me the sanctimony and hypocrisy.

The Dutch Roundabout

Favoring active mobility 🚲 and calming traffic.

Here is how it works 👇

A Brief History of Kids Today Have No Respect


It’s depressing as hell that education unions like #CFT have to take on #GunSafety. Why should ending #GunViolence fall to teachers? Because those in power are failing us.


Never use “tireless” to praise people teaching, nursing, volunteering, doing activist work, etc. I assure you, these people are plenty tired.

After 20 plus years at Cambridge Systematics (with some detours) where I had the privilege to work with & learn from a fantastic team of colleagues and make life long friends, I am excited to inform that I have joined Whitman, Requardt & Associates (WRA) as their Data Analytics Lead. At WRA I am excited to be working again with old friends, as well as the opportunity and challenge to setup and grow WRA's Data Analytics practice.

I interviewed Michelle Yeoh a few years ago about #StarTrekDiscovery and I mentioned offhand that I'd written an article about what seeing her use her accent on the bridge of a starship meant to me.

She stopped and said "Wait, that was YOU?"

And then proceeded to talk about how much that article had meant to HER and how it contributed to the success of the show.

I can't think about it without crying.

(The original article:

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Heard today: There are no libertarians in a bank run.

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"Poverty isn’t simply the condition of not having enough money. It’s the condition of not having enough choice and being taken advantage of because of that." A Pulitzer Prize-winning sociologist offers a new explanation for why poverty persists in America.

NEW: Every year, governments use algorithms to flag people receiving welfare benefits as "high risk" of committing fraud. Today, for the first time, a joint investigation by Lighthouse Reports and WIRED can reveal how one of these algorithms works. We obtained the full algorithm code and the training data and recreated the system. What we found was discrimination based on gender and ethnicity. Part 1 is here:

STUDY: An additional 20 minutes of commuting each day has on average the equivalent effect on job satisfaction as a 19% reduction in income, with longer commute times having a more negative impact on women’s job satisfaction than men’s. Via @WhatWorksWB

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"From the coverage, you would never understand how incoherent he sounds, how far divorced his statements are from reality, and how entirely abnormal this all is. Talk about burying the lead."
Timid media and GOP figures are again, dangerously, normalizing Trump

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