“Black social movements face a dilemma in that the public often perceives nonviolent Black disruptive protest as violent…we find Congress is generally more accepting of nondisruptive protest but nondisruptive protest is only roughly one-tenth as effective for Blacks” academic.oup.com/sf/advance-ar

this is very sad and, unfortunately, utterly typical of the way crewmen on cargo ships are treated worldwide:

nearly two months after the Dali collapsed the Key bridge in Baltimore, its crew of 21 remains trapped on the ship, and they don't even have their cell phones, because they were confiscated by the FBI


Finding Geospatial Accounts on Mastodon

Besides following hashtags, such as #GISChat, #QGIS, #FOSS4G, and #OSGeo, curating good lists is probably the best way to stay up to date with geospatial developments. To get you started (or to potentially enrich your existing lists), I thought I'd share my #Geospatial and #SpatialDataScience lists with you.


Nothing says ban assault rifles like 5 school officers, 8 federal DEA officers, 13 U.S. Marshals, 16 sheriff’s deputies, 25 Uvalde officers, 69 officers of nearby law enforcement, 91 state police officers plus 149 U.S. Border Patrol agents being scared of 1 shooter with an AR-15.

I've never been to a COP and I'm not there now.
But I have a simple message.

Stop burning sh*t.


CURA's Ghost Neighborhoods of Columbus project is building 3D models of Black neighborhoods that were damaged by urban highways, urban renewal and redlining in the 20th century. This post provides the latest updates.


What is this? This is a GPS receiver made by Trimble, one of the biggest GPS companies. Why is it shaped like an ambulance? Good question. This is a 6 channel GPS receiver from 1993, which was relatively early for consumer GPS tech. On the back is a Motorola 68HC000 and 64k of RAM. Look it even has a little red light on top. And a silk screened steering wheel.

‘As Mr. Stratton points out, in most American cities, “all the infrastructure we create to handle water — roads, sidewalks, sewers — is overseen by different departments with different priorities, none of them specifically responsible for storms. There is no dedicated authority or budget for storm water in most cities.”’


How Much Blood Is Your Fun Worth? “Mothers must ask their sons for pictures of open [classroom] windows because Americans own AR-15s, and they own them because they are fun.” theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/


White House spokesman Andrew Bates responds to the Republican Speaker:
"We absolutely reject the offensive accusation that gun crime is uniquely high in the United States because of Americans' 'hearts.' Gun crime is uniquely high in the United States because congressional Republicans have spent decades choosing the gun industry's lobbyists over the lives of innocent Americans."

Luckily, being able to count votes and persuade others aren’t big parts of being Speaker of the House.

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