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Hello all! Just saw from @bikepedantic that this place had been set up for mobility talk, and loving the idea of a dedicated instance.

I'm based in London (UK), but I work for a startup based in Leuven (Belgium) called Telraam. We have a multi-modal traffic counting device designed for citizen science, and giving residents and campaigners more opportunities to be engaged and involved with local traffic and mobility plans that affect them.

Looking forward to hear about yr projects

In the era of Generative leading to errors based on false information, you'd at least hope to rely on the old-fashioned (?) human-curated knowledge from places like

Then you come across a completely misleading article like this one explaining the concept of V85 for / reporting


At least hoping someone with access & knowledge can update it soon for future researchers, but it does leave me concerned

Just learned a great deal about the of from this great video looking at all the and enhancements they've made, and how it is part of the culture.

Must visit soon!

The new network in South East London is growing.

The Lambeth Community Traffic Monitoring project has already got most of the devices installed and running, ready for counting traffic and street usage from September.

Looking forward to the results, and insights into recent investments in the area

My kid's attending a nature camp next week, and I have to sign a form for permission for her to ride in a van to go to a field site one mile away.

1 mile.

There is a nice, accessible public trail that to leads directly from the camp to the field site. But they are piling 24 kids into 3 vans, driving them 2 minutes, then unpiling, and then doing it all over again in reverse.

I know it's a small thing but if a nature camp can't see what's wrong here, I fear we really are doomed.


Helping citizens and campaigners to make the most of their local traffic data.

A blog post on analysing Telraam and telling local and stories

Help researchers identify what makes a street or neighbourhood playable for kids by contributing to a crowdsourced dataset on "playability"!

Rate Google Streetview images here:

#SciComm #CitizenScience @GemmellEmily

Interesting to see how this podcast interview with @carltonreid has generated lots of interest in , but also how he has to cope with such vitriol on all transport matters.

Very grateful there are voices out there like Carlton

#Citizenscience project Telraam
has a new sensor! Thanks to #AI you can count traffic on your street even more accurately.
Info about the new sensor:
'Telraam Talks Live' on Thursday 13/4, 8pm will discuss the new sensor:
cc @rob_telraam

Benieuwd hoeveel verkeer er door jouw straat gaat? Tel mee met Telraam en meet met een sensor het verkeer in jouw straat! Samen met de verkeerstellers in Amsterdam-Noord wordt onderzocht hoe daar meer 'fietsgeluk' georganiseerd kan worden.
Meld je aan:

Join us for the official launch of the Telraam S2 - the AI counting device

March 2nd, 12:30 PM - 1 PM (CET)

Info on features, pricing and availability and some early case studies.

30 minutes well spent if you are interested in and

Please boost for reach 🙏

📢 We are #hiring!
Analyst — Health & Economic Impacts of Air Pollution

🔎 CREA is looking for an #Analyst responsible for applying our existing methodology to calculate health & economic impacts of #AirPollution.

Learn more & apply here 👇

Was talking to a reporter yesterday about how to learn the climate beat and realized I couldn’t confidently recommend that she do what I did anymore — follow a bunch of prospective sources, experts, and analysts on Twitter and try to understand the networks between them.

Between Twitter’s decay and the AI-ification of search engines, I’m not sure anyone is ready for how much the core mechanisms of primary-source discovery on the web could be about to degrade.

USDOT National Roadway Safety Strategy launches Call to Action

“Today we are issuing a national call to action and asking all Americans—including private industry, non-profit and advocacy organizations, and every level of government—to join us in acting to save lives on our roadways.” --Secretary Pete

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