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By way of introduction...

Trufi makes all modes of sustainable transport – especially informal transport and active transport in the global South – accessible to people through the mobile phones they already use. And we give planning officials the information they need for better cities.

@bikepedantic This building in #Antananarivo reminds me of a cybertruck. I saw it being built. It's just brick, cheap cement, and rebar under the skin – like every other poorly constructed building in #Madagascar.

Is there a way to validate (for Mastodon) a page on the @openstreetmap Wiki without the rel="me" attribute?

@admin! We added some code to our website to verify ownership of the site. How can I confirm that that this account is now verified?

The next time you use any navigation device, software or Google Maps thank Dr. Gladys West. Her contributions to the mathematical modeling of the shape of Earth, and her work on the development of the satellite models that were eventually incorporated into  the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. #BlackMastodon #BlackHistoryMonth

I'm basically doing a last-ditch plea for people still on Twitter to at the very least create an account somewhere other than Twitter and migrate their follows over to it before the APIs shut down

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Mit den Öffis von A nach B ist die nachhaltigste Fortbewegung. Aber ohne zuverlässige Informationen über Haltestellen, Routen und Fahrpläne wird es kompliziert. @trufiassoc entwickelt digitale Lösungen für den ÖPNV weltweit.

How the volatility of currency exchange rates affects the ability to finance big and other decarbonization projects in the global South.

via @Africa_com

Never forget, the Dutch invest €595 million annually on urban biking, resulting in €19 BILLION saved in public health care costs alone. That’s how smart govts do the math on investing in better mobility.

Let’s be clear — it wastes public money to NOT do it.

#CityMakingMath Source: @modacitylife

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"Developing countries require new approaches to addressing their transportation problems. These countries must make these approaches country-specific. In addition, they must realise that solutions designed for cities of developed countries cannot directly be applied developing countries. However, developing countries can and should learn from the mistakes already made in developed countries (like the US) where unbalanced transportation system are exacting enormous costs.”


Is there a list of instances of @crossposter that we could join? I understand the quota, but I don't think we can justify setting up our own instance.

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