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By way of introduction...

Trufi makes all modes of sustainable transport – especially informal transport and active transport in the global South – accessible to people through the mobile phones they already use. And we give planning officials the information they need for better cities.

🌍 How can we ensure informal transport contributes positively to our climate goals? Geofrey Ndhogezi explores the intersection of policy, innovation, and sustainability in transportation. 🌿

These two are so Trufi and they don't even know it.

" rely on cities that are built for cars, not for people. They rely on on lithium mining that poses a lot of threats for communities around the world especially in the global South."

"Just start funding . Make sure people have access to things around their cities."

Who takes a helicopter to the Coldplay concert?

"The same Marcos who pushes for the phaseout of jeepneys in the guise of environmentalism, rides a helicopter to a concert! The same Marcos who will massacre informal transport workers’ jobs by Feb 1!’"

We're excited to learn about the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) being used for informal transport – and creating 5000 job opportunities Baayu, India's first app-based electric bike taxi service.

Ready for a virtual bash? TODAY!!! Join the Trufi Holiday Party at 3:00 PM UTC! Celebrate our & accomplishments of 2023 in 🚲 🚌

🚀 Cheers to Michael Brückner, December's Volunteer of the Month! 💻 Whether creating websites, supporting IT, or handling finances, his dedication is the backbone of our success.

👏 Big thanks, QUIBIQ, for unwavering support in transforming global transportation. Your sponsorship empowers innovative solutions for connected and sustainable transport. 🚍

Cochabamba volunteers meet IRL! "Celebrando Logros" marked a moment of gratitude and motivation. 100,000+ downloads, new members, and a commitment to a lasting impact.

Meet Gladys Aguilar, a dedicated language teacher shaping urban mobility in Cochabamba, committed to transparency and collaboration.

Celebrating Wendy Huang, our Volunteer of the Month! 🌟
She's reshaping the informal transport experience with her design skills. Discover her inspiring journey and contributions to Trufi Association.

Watch the discussion on enhancing active mobility! Experts D. Taylor Reich Carlosfelipe Pardo share insights on the power of open data and technology in this enlightening webinar recording. Data-driven decision-making and advocacy can transform cycling infrastructure.

🚴‍♂️ Join us this Thursday for a deep dive into the world of active mobility! 🚶‍♀️ Don't miss out on insights from experts Taylor Reich and Carlosfelipe Pardo. Discover the impact of data in shaping our cities. Register now:

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