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By way of introduction...

Trufi makes all modes of sustainable transport – especially informal transport and active transport in the global South – accessible to people through the mobile phones they already use. And we give planning officials the information they need for better cities.

Today members of the OpenStreetMap Albania user group came together @OpenLabsAlbania to map for #Malawi.
We contributed for two hours mapping buildings using #Ideditor and @openstreetmap .

#DisasterRecovery #OpenStreetMap #OpenLabsAlbania

Hey, attendees! Don't miss the panel discussion on "Integrating Shared Mobility with Public Transport to Improve Cities" at 3:05 pm. Denis Paz Jimenez from Trufi Association will be sharing his insights. See you there!

Today is the day! If you are attending AUTONOMY , and you aren't crowding in to hear Pauline Baudens thoughts on "Maas: Building the Door2Door App" RIGHT NOW, then we just don't know what's wrong with you people.

Who's good with image manipulation, AI or otherwise? Replace the banner with a parking sign. Replace the ships in the harbor with an SUV, a pickup truck, and a city bus. (Out of credits.)
@benjiedlp knows what this is about. You will be acknowledged in a forthcoming

Attending AUTONOMY Paris this week? Meet Trufi Association's experts on Mobility-as-a-Service, Integrating Shared Mobility with Public Transport, and Gender Specificity in Informal Transport at . Fill out this form to schedule a meeting:

📣 Volunteer opportunity! Trufi is looking for a TECHNICAL WRITER / DOCUMENTATION WRITER to create tutorials & guides on customizing our app & backend setup. Required skills: Git, software dev, simplifying complex topics.

"Freedom? Freedom would be when Germany's politicians, urban and mobility planners finally freed themselves from the all-dominant, all-determining car dependency and the happiness of everyone in Germany no the compulsory, daily, dreary traffic jam that has become inescapable."

Freiheit? Freiheit wäre wenn sich Deutschlands Politik, Stadt- und Mobilitätsplaner endlich von der alles beherrschenden, alles bestimmenden PKW Abhängigkeit befreien und das Lebensglück aller in Deutschland nicht mehr täglich auf dem unentrinnbar Nation gewordenen, tristen Autostrich angeschafft werden muss.

TikTok: Look! I discovered hot water melts frozen food faster!

Twitter: Look at this TikTok video showing how to defrost your food faster!

Yahoo news: Millions of Twitter users view TikTok video showing new life hack for melting frozen food!

Mastodon: Please read my academic white paper describing the impacts of public school system underfunding

A survey ordered by the Ministry of has found more than 80% of young people want a wealth tax, congestion charges and/or pollution pricing to pay for improvements in , and . Can you guess who's freaking out?

TODAY: How can we make MaaS work for cities in the Global South? Join the MaaS-ters of Sustainability, Marc Hasselwander and Eric Bruun, 16:30 UTC for a discussion on MaaS in the context of sustainability and inclusivity.

TOMORROW: Join the conversation on MaaS in developing countries and informal transport systems with Dr. Hasselwander and Dr. Bruun at the Trufi on March 7, 2023. Register now to secure your spot.

Are you wondering how Mobility-as-a-Service can add value for potential users in the Global South? Register for our Trufi webinar on March 7th to hear from expert speakers Dr. Marc Hasselwander & Dr. Eric Bruun

#GoDaddy: Hackers stole source code, installed #malware in multi-year breach 😟☠️

“a data breach affecting 1.2 million Managed WordPress customers after attackers breached GoDaddy's WordPress hosting environment”
“They gained access to the email addresses of all impacted customers, their WordPress Admin passwords, sFTP and database credentials, and SSL private keys of a subset of active clients”

📧🖌️ Email Experts. We're looking help with our email signature! Required skills: HTML, CSS, cross-client and cross-browser compatibility.

An old program tape with two clearly visible patches, on sections 250 and 260.

The punch card's error, as manifested by the punches, was patched in just the same way a bike tire is patched.

This is why we call it patching when we fix existing software.

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