Congrats to AddisMapTransit for advancing urban mobility in Addis Ababa by submitting data on 2,300+ stops and 443 routes to DT4A! Proud to support this impactful work with our open-source tech.

Our overhauled Vision and Mission statements now reflect what we've become, what we actually do, and our aspiration: to catalyze sustainable transport ecosystems, ensuring safe, affordable, and attractive options for all. Read more about our commitment to transportation justice and sustainability.

Former NBA player & TV sportscaster Bill Walton, who died Monday, was a huge biking fan. “I love my bike. My bike is everything to me. My bike is my gym, my church, and my wheelchair.”

"Transport infrastructure in most countries does not consider [gender] differences and is designed to cater to typical commute journeys, characterized by direct, uninterrupted travel between home and the central business district (CBD). This pattern disfavors women." – Girija Borker

🌟 Únete a nosotros en nuestro próximo webinar! Como Trufi Association, junto con el proyecto Comunidad de Práctica AMAM respaldado por la Cooperación Técnica Alemana (GIZ México), exploraremos la digitalización en el transporte público y el estándar GTFS. Regístrate aquí:

¡Esperamos verte allí!


We are also a German e.V. that produces software for the public good, and we finessed a similar issue with the German tax office. Reach out if you want to compare notes.

Instead of driving to another dead end with EVs "we could spend less energy in much more interesting ways creating
#publictransport systems that are a joy to use."
- Rachel Donald

#HalfHeartedFanatic #Fuckcars #Carfree #LowCar #Science #Economics

"Those cyclists now on the streets and roads of central Paris are not Spandex-clad professionals as seen on the Tour de France but everyday transportation cyclists."

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