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By way of introduction...

Trufi makes all modes of sustainable transport – especially informal transport and active transport in the global South – accessible to people through the mobile phones they already use. And we give planning officials the information they need for better cities.

🚴‍♂️ Join us this Thursday for a deep dive into the world of active mobility! 🚶‍♀️ Don't miss out on insights from experts Taylor Reich and Carlosfelipe Pardo. Discover the impact of data in shaping our cities. Register now:

LIVE: Trufi's BusBoy app for is launching their new presence in featuring Duitama Mapping Stars and Leonardo Gutierrez

EN DIRECTO: La aplicación Trufi de BusBoy para está lanzando su nueva presencia en con la participación de Duitama Mapping Stars y Leonardo Gutiérrez.

Are you a MaaS innovator? 📊 Trufi Association is your indispensable partner for GTFS and integration into apps, analytics, and transport tech solutions. Join us in revolutionizing transport for the global South and North!

Wrangling transportation data in the global South is no easy feat. It's our specialty. We harness community crowdsourcing and OpenStreetMap to provide accurate GTFS informed by the people who know the city better than anyone.

What does “OSM” stand for?

wrong answers only 😈

(with hat tip to the OSM World Discord Server <> for the idea)

Hmmm... Duitama and Sogoamoso are only 20 km apart, but Google can't route you from one city to the other on public transport? BusBoy can.

"Avances en la digitalización del transporte urbano en LATAM y la Movilidad como Servicio (MaaS).

"MINIEIMUS": Espacio virtual de 1.5 horas para informar y debatir sobre transporte y políticas de movilidad sostenible en Iberoamérica, con Leonardo Gutiérrez de Trufi Association.

Regístrate y obtén más información:

You didn't know that Trufi does chatbots, did you? From journey planning to public safety reporting to transport research data collection.

Researchers: Seeking mobility insights that are hard to come by? Look No Further! 🔍 Trufi research services bridge the gap between research designers and local communities in global South cities. By tapping into local knowledge through engagement with OpenStreetMap communities, we ensure research aligns with real-world experiences. 🌍🚌

Game-changer! One of the most impactful things an OpenStreetMapper can do is to map public transport. A new mapping course launched by Trufi Association and Mobility Hub - Colombia has the potential to revolutionize transportation planning with community-driven solutions. 🚌🌍 Available in Spanish. English coming soon.


What the global South can learn from 's while avoiding the pitfalls of imitating the global North (a.k.a. colonialism), 🚌🌍 Spoiler: Germany broke the habit of imitating itself.

Attn: @benjiedlp

Uncover the intersection of gender, safety, and digital innovation in informal transport. Pauline Baudens explores the unique challenges women face during commutes in the global South. Join the conversation on building inclusive transportation solutions.

Evento de Lanzamiento HOY: Un Curso en Línea Abierto y Masivo para Mapear el en (). Trufi se ha asociado con Mobility Hub para ayudar a capacitar a los mejores mapeadores que impulsan para el

Am I actually losing my fucking mind?

*The* British prime minister pushing cars and demonising anti-car schemes while also pushing for new oil and gas. Even bragging about sitting in Maggie Thatcher's car!?!

I know it is a conservative government but in this day and age come on. We know what is fucking the world, both of the points in these screenshots.

Even Boris was heading in the right direction and that's saying something.

#climatechange #uk #urbanism #cycling #BikeTooter #FuckCars

There's a plugin in #JOSM that's helpful for that, but I don't think there's any better editor out there.

I've always found @trufiassoc docs helpful: mapping-bus-routes.readthedocs

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