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How do women use informal transport differently from men worldwide? Find out from Pauline Baudens, PhD of Trufi Association, at her keynote speech during Autonomy conference at . Today at 11:50 am

Hey, attendees! Don't miss the panel discussion on "Integrating Shared Mobility with Public Transport to Improve Cities" at 3:05 pm. Denis Paz Jimenez from Trufi Association will be sharing his insights. See you there!

Today is the day! If you are attending AUTONOMY , and you aren't crowding in to hear Pauline Baudens thoughts on "Maas: Building the Door2Door App" RIGHT NOW, then we just don't know what's wrong with you people.

Who's good with image manipulation, AI or otherwise? Replace the banner with a parking sign. Replace the ships in the harbor with an SUV, a pickup truck, and a city bus. (Out of credits.)
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Attending AUTONOMY Paris this week? Meet Trufi Association's experts on Mobility-as-a-Service, Integrating Shared Mobility with Public Transport, and Gender Specificity in Informal Transport at . Fill out this form to schedule a meeting: forms.gle/3dQrvGLYjN31j9nU6

How the volatility of currency exchange rates affects the ability to finance big and other decarbonization projects in the global South.

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