: what are your favorite tools for visualizing new and designs?

If you wanted to communicate how a proposed intersection or roadway redesign would look and feel to the public, what would you use?
I'm looking specifically for examples of tools that are fairly easy to use by non-experts and can create realistic renderings suitable for engagement.

Thank you!

@DrTCombs StreetMix is the OG that is still really good at what it does, we use it in open houses to educate visitors about trade-offs. I liked Remix Streets but didn't find too much added value in it. 3D renderings especially next to their base image of current conditions are great, but I haven't seen a tool that outputs them well easily. I end up using Illustrator for a lot of road design work.


@alexkgellis Yeah, StreetMix is great (and open source to boot). Only drawback is that it can't do intersections too.

We're using a lot of sketchup, but it is just so painfully manual.

@DrTCombs I haven't used SketchUp for work yet! I should give it a try. I think maybe it could be especially good in combination with good base images, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

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