It's so friendly here I sometimes feel awkward following people - like I should introduce myself - so a general . Also, hashtags.

I research in , Australia, using a lot of GIS, , , .

I probably followed you because I liked your thoughts about Australian , , , or , or you work at too and seem cool.

Je suis aussi capable de toot un peu de l', et j'aime suivre ça.

Well this was very successful for finding new interesting people to follow! Sorry if I missed anyone that liked it, I'm sure we'll cross paths again. Thanks for all the boosts.

I am now following a brass band from Yorkshire, because naturally.

@tom_andraszek Nice! I'm mostly staying away from google maps routing for research because it becomes too expensive, and because (mostly theoretically, in the future) I want to be able to measure the effect of network changes. So I'm using Pandana & UrbanAccess packages with OSM & GTFS data for these kind of queries. But the Google approach is so much simpler, very easy to read.

As a carless Cragg, how could I not follow!! 😂
Welcome Josephine.

@jroper an intro like that definitely deserves a follow. #rstats, #bikes, #urbanism. All the good things 👋

@jroper Oh, this sounds awesome - welcome here and great that more and more urbanrstatsbikes people are here :)

@meaden thanks Jason! I mean you probably are cool if you’re here 🤔

@jroper Hi Jospehine, welcome aboard! I look forward to reading your thoughts/research/insights 😊

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