Trufi recognizes our unrecognizable volunteers... New app for Zitacuaro, Mexico... Webinars on women's safety and disrupting colonial approaches to transport planning... Trufi will be at the UITP Summit... Duitama Mapping Stars wow an ITDP bigshot.

Colombia's Duitama Mapping Stars, ITDP Sustainable Transport expert Taylor Reich. Discover how their work contributes to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“I still love cars. But we need to accept there is an evolution in transportation, an evolution in the use of cars, & an evolution in what is allowed when you’re a car driver. If you like speed, you go on a circuit, you don’t go on the roads.” — Former F1 Boss.

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Trufi is proud to have supported the development of the TUMI Mobility Data Hub, revolutionizing urban mobility worldwide. Join us at the webinar to explore the power of data-driven solutions! Register now:

Unlocking the power of data for women's safety in public spaces. Watch the webinar recording featuring Ankita Kapoor (Safetipin) and Vaibhavi Rani Maske (Red Dot Foundation-Safecity). Discover actionable insights and solutions, from evaluating city practices to empowering communities. Data-driven initiatives can create safer, inclusive, and equitable environments for all.


1. People use in

2. Official transport is inadequate, therefore

3. Informal transport is the problem and should be eliminated


As the number of bodaboda (motorcycle taxi) operators keeps increasing in , passengers have more bargaining power while riders struggle. How could Trufi help?



Public Transport in the global South has a women's safety problem. Find out what Safetipin and Red Dot Foundation-Safecity are doing about it.

Advocates for women's safety! In just three days, Trufi presents an event focusing on "Women's Safety in Mobility." Learn from industry experts Ankita Kapoor from Safetipin and Vaibhavi Rani Maske (she/her) from Reddot Foundation. Join us to explore advancements and digital solutions ensuring safer transportation for women. Mark your calendars now!

Duitama Mapping Stars are now on Twitter! Meet 17 Bolivian teenagers – each one knows more about than the guy who owns Twitter.

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Meet the Duitama Mapping Stars! These students, aged 13-16, are mapping and maintaining public transport routes from to , contributing to and Trufi projects. Check out their story here:

"Trufi Association collaborated with the Stadtnavi project to develop a native app for iOS and Android... the resulting platform is a testament to the benefits of collaboration and open-source development."

– Axel Thévenet

Learn about digital safety solutions that can help women feel safer while using public transportation? Join us for the Safety in Women's Mobility webinar on May 18th! With Ankita Kapoor and Vaibhavi Rani Maske

Green Transfer Problem

Excellent article by Andrés Velasco. Trufi nitpick: A focus on "cutting travel times" would mostly benefit the elites in the fictional country of Urbana. Instead, Urbana should optimize for transport justice, resulting in transportation being faster for some and slower for others (probably), ensuring access to safe, reliable, and affordable options regardless of socioeconomic status.

In a panel of experts, Trufi's Pauline Baudens emphasized prioritizing inclusivity in transportation design.

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Other panelists discussed CREATING proximity to shared mobility, Trufi's Eva Asturizaga emphasized digitizing and integrating EXISTING proximity to shared mobility:

Our , , inclusive perspective on mobility was a counterbalance to profit-driven private sector solutions at

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