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📣 Join us on March 7 for a webinar on MaaS in the global South and sustainable mobility!

Dr. Marc Hasselwander will discuss his PhD research into MaaS in the Philippines. Dr. Eric Bruun will share insights on informal transport in South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Register now for free:

Miloš N Mladenović challenges the conventional belief that technology is linear progress. He argues that technology and society are closely connected, with technology shaping our ideas and society in turn. He believes technology is not only functional but also contains ideological concepts.

Miloš will speak at an upcoming Trufi webinar. Subscribe to their newsletter for updates (link in comments)

Calling all developers! Join us in developing, documenting, and maintaining Trufi Core, the code base for Trufi Apps! Help us build sustainable transport solutions. Learn more here:

Check out "Quirqui Rutas," a new public transport app developed in Oruro, Bolivia. Volunteers used the Trufi Core code base and to create the city's first GTFS - available to city planners, transport managers, and researchers.

International Parliamentarians Congress adopts a resolution linking road safety to SDGs, "with special attention given to the safety needs of those users who are the most vulnerable to road user crashes, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and users of public transport"

If you're using OSM, either as a blind individual profiting from the available mapping data with one of the navigation apps or as a an OSM contributor, this OSM wiki article could be interesting as it explains how to map the world with blind users in mind. It explains specialty tags, some of which I had no idea existed, suggests tools for data entry and introduces the Blind OSM project. #OSM #GPS #Navigation #Mapping #Accessibility #Blind OSM for the blind – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Designers: Only you can prevent branding disasters! If someone doesn't help us develop our branded materials, some non-designer is going to do it. [Shudders]

Help Trufi look as good as we are.

Just published a page about our GTFS services – creating data in transport data dead zones. Would appreciate any feedback.

Critical journalism is paywalled, disinformation is free. What did we expect to happen?

The sight lines of a Silverado, F250, Ram, and 2500 are all worse than an M1 Abrams Tank.



The refreshing thing about this is that these two aren't immediately rejecting the idea with a knee-jerk "I'LL DIE IF I CAN'T DRIVE" attitude.

Yes! We can do an app in !
@weeklyOSM features three videos in on mapping bus routes (and a link to a Trufi blog post about )

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