We apologize for the server outage; our security certificate required renewal. Transportation.social is back up and running!

Mastodon users coming from Twitter or other social media sites that have algorithms may like this cool utility that helps you find the top shared links by people you follow: quintsns.pianeta.uno/

Just blocked a list of domains that were identified in a post I read as extremely toxic and will add more once I figure out how to import CSV blocklists. If you know of a domain that should be blocked, please report it so that we can do so!

Shout-out to @matungawalla for making a one-time contribution to the transportation.social coffers via our ko-fi page! Your donation has allowed us to upgrade automatic backups on the server where this instance is hosted, so that nobody loses their data in case of a failure! 💪 Thank you so much 🙏

@DrTCombs thanks for joining our fledgling community! FYI, there is a way to export a list of your follows from mastodon.social so you can import them into your transportation.social account... here's the instructions: docs.joinmastodon.org/user/mov

Wow, in just 3 days we've already surpassed 25 accounts! To celebrate, we've added a banner (or "hero image", in Mastodon lingo) to make our little instance look more inviting to new users! Check it out--and don't forget to post your !


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