@bikepedantic biked my daughter to camp today as well using our Trail-a-Bike! perfect weather for it. lots of random smelly trucks stopping for no apparent reason in front of us, though

Should transportation.social federate with Threads, if and when that becomes possible?

Just went through and suspended a bunch of likely spam accounts that snuck in before the server moved to approval-only registration. Please, if you see spam, report it so we can take appropriate action!

A temporary limit has been placed on mastodon.social due to an influx of crypto spam from that domain. You should still be able to view toots from people you follow there, but people you don't follow will be invisible. We may also make it so that registration for a new account at transportation.social requires approval, to prevent spammers from setting up shop here. Please vote in the poll below to tell us how you feel about that.

We apologize for the server outage; our security certificate required renewal. Transportation.social is back up and running!

Mastodon users coming from Twitter or other social media sites that have algorithms may like this cool utility that helps you find the top shared links by people you follow: quintsns.pianeta.uno/

Just blocked a list of domains that were identified in a post I read as extremely toxic and will add more once I figure out how to import CSV blocklists. If you know of a domain that should be blocked, please report it so that we can do so!

Shout-out to @matungawalla for making a one-time contribution to the transportation.social coffers via our ko-fi page! Your donation has allowed us to upgrade automatic backups on the server where this instance is hosted, so that nobody loses their data in case of a failure! 💪 Thank you so much 🙏


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