@michcampbell That's nice, yeah, our actual furniture in Sydney pretty much went to (and originally came from) other expat academic friends moving around.

The current problem is people sending us baby things despite requests not to!

@michcampbell I think too much moving has left me permanently allergic to Having Things

@rusted yeah, I am thinking about new builds. And in general the French, at least on the roads, aren’t known for being more law-abiding than Australians. It can be pretty chaotic here. Yet pedestrians and cyclists are keeping to their sides.

@jedsetter yep, that’s the justification. I’m just not sure it’s warranted, if it can work over here. I wonder if we’ve been misled by how our ‘shared paths’ (without marked separation or sufficient width) don’t work well.

@jedsetter Some of them yes likely. Some of them I think require new kerbs on both sides either way eg the eastern Oxford St plans, and it was something discussed in the feedback/consultation stages, but dismissd.

This morning in Paris, busy bike lane outside my great-aunt’s place 😍🚴

I really like these bike lanes that are level with the footpath. Don’t quite get why we’re so intent on building awkward little channels in Sydney. The cyclists weren’t encroaching on the footpath even when they were backed up, just queuing politely (though it seemed like the more impatient types use the road here instead).

@jakecoppinger Check out sydney.colouringaustralia.org/ which uses (a version of) WalkTHERE too.

As mentioned to Christian I'm in the process of learning how to host interactive maps myself but not ready yet!

Can also send you data, or you can in theory rerun it using the code on Github :)

@ckent @jakecoppinger Yes - only 50-100 responses, depending on the question, and most of them live in eastern Sydney. I'd love to rerun it with a larger sample (or smaller area eg one LGA) but wanted to get the method out there for now.

I'm in the process of redoing my website to keep the survey open and host ongoing results, but without a lot of effort into distribution I don't think that will get many more.

📢 New paper: A participatory mapping approach to capturing perceived walkability

🖌️ Perceived walkability in Sydney collected by 'spraypainting', because who needs polygons?

🚶 Compared results to a previously published walkability index

🗺️ Method, with comments, can capture rich knowledge about walkable areas and streets, and reveal gaps in walkability models

Last paper out from my PhD, very happy to see it in print.

My university's sustainability report contains several acknowledgements that the post-COVID return to high levels of business travel is a problem, but absolutely 0 plans to do anything about it. Inspiring stuff.


@BarbChamberlain for this yes, I don't have the patience for peeling them as well! Can also get them frozen or in glass jars depending where you are. Just check that jarred ones aren't sugared.

@jessta TBF given it's ABC they probably mean genuine heavy vehicles that you need a more rigorous licence for, not pick-up 'trucks'.

@BarbChamberlain One of my favourites is celeriac & chestnut. A lot of recipes include cream and/or bacon but you can leave them out (or substitute for the cream).

Because thinking about Broadway: every time I use the underpass at Railway Square I feel like some sort of distance contraction is at play.

Arrows for non-Sydney people to show where the ramp leading up to Railway Square is located in the tunnel, and roughly where it emerges.

I find my brain can't quite reconcile how short the tunnel seems vs how wide the road.

I think it shows how the brain (correctly) perceives the 8 lanes of traffic like a dangerous gulf to avoid crossing at all costs.

@jedsetter Yeah. I suppose a charitable explanation wrt to the cycleway is that this plan would only cover a short segment of Broadway so on its own not provide much movement for cyclists, but a cycleway could act as a safety shield + removing the delivery cyclists from the footpaths, so improving the place for pedestrians.

Of course they could and should just be more imaginative with the cycleway extent instead of continuing with plans for convoluted back street routes.

@jedsetter I really dislike that considering a cycleway on Broadway (deeper in the document) also falls under 'balancing movement and place', like cycling is just something we do for urbanist ornamentation, not a form of movement

@michcampbell even that, if you can get it to 21/23kg, it seems hard to beat vs shipping...

At least a year - we were looking for postdocs in Europe but my partner was hunted by a very good lab in his field in Toronto and it seemed hard to pass up. I think we'll extend depending whether I find something there too or not, after a bit of time with the baby :)

@failedLyndonLaRouchite Hmm now you mention it, we have a $400 allowance with remarkably vague requirements, maybe I can use it for non-required printing.

My old housemate used to call it a phud too ☺️ He features highly in the acknowledgements.

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