@ajsadauskas Thanks for the mention, all these follows are a good reminder to get back on here!

I sortof dropped off over Christmas and then found my 'priority' list wasn't loading when I came back, which makes it a lot less motivating to check here.. Seems to be working now though.

@sanae please share if you find some! I'm the same with carbon offsets - like I know there's a reason that Qantas' offsets don't make taking a joyride over Antarctica ok, but it's an accumulation of reading lots of things, and vibes.

writing my thesis in VSCode today... feels like I've become some kind of VSCode addict

@jake Don't know the area that well but it seems very small and some of the streets not very comfortable on a 20k vehicle. Will see what happens.

@Transportist All work is backed up but some personal stuff is not. But it's working ok on power now!

Things I really don’t need a month before submitting thesis: swollen laptop battery and now it’s crashing on power (battery removed) too 😨

@colby Yeah, that's tough! I can do research partly because of my prior income in road construction, but at least it was a clean break.

@bikepedantic Thank you, all that is needed is good to hear. It's just hard to reconcile the long timelines of academic work with the urgency of the situation.

- Writing research plans for postdoc applications -> anxiety and guilt about whether I am working on climate change to the extent that I could be.

Only real reassuring thing is remembering I am just one part of a whole community of people who care about this, especially on here. Thankful for that.

Does anybody have examples of designs for #ADA parking stalls in combination with a two-way, parking-protected on-street cycle track? It seems like your city staff think the only way is to have the parking right up to the curb and the cycle-track swerving around it. I wonder if there are alternatives that work well for #accessibility and also make for good bike facilities. @sofio or @bikepedantic maybe?

@mszll it will come to that, but the people immediately affected are so poor and far from power that assassinating fossil fuel executives or shooting down planes is out of their reach, is my prediction… most terrorism is very local and small scale even though the exceptions are memorable. Meanwhile people like us aren’t existentially affected and have too much to lose, no matter how much we say we care.

Went for a ride this morning, and came back across Anzac Bridge.
The Rozelle interchange, now open, makes me want to weep. Nineteen lanes of traffic wide, it sprawls across a huge tract of what should be prime public land. So expensive, so much pollution, so much urban blight and for so little benefit.

@mszll Some people describe XR that way but they don't go for violence (AFAIK). I don't think violent terrorism is very compatible with the typical humanist morality of people who want to slow climate change.

I think for outright terrorism you need a group of people who are very personally and immediately threatened *and* feel that there is some potential for their actions to change the situation. The latter is lacking with such a global problem, and the former for most...

PATH letter to COP28

Did you know that mode shift does more to fight climate change than EV? This diagram from Bloomberg illustrates just how many barrels of oil internationally have been saved through EV (four wheeler) vs eBike and moped uptake (two and three wheeler): Read more about it here: Walking can do even more. In Australia, the Climate Council's report "Changing Gear" highlights the need for this transition in Australia, quantifying the target we must reach to hit Net Zero at just…


New post on my by train and bike blog that I tend to forget to promote very much: Mt Alexandra and Mt Gibraltar, Mittagong carlesscragging.wordpress.com/

@jedsetter It's nutty. There is a facebook group where people share petitions and generally agitate about it if you're on that site. facebook.com/groups/6756758766

The new fleets should be better though who knows when they'll appear.

I am never going to drive to do a rail trail or bike tour... like never... just defeats the purpose for me.

From WalkSydney: Why is City of Sydney removing zebra crossings?

> Despite community opposition, City of Sydney Council is proceeding with a proposal to rip up two pedestrian-priority zebra crossings on Mitchell Road in Alexandria and Erskineville. Instead of investing in safety upgrades, it wants to replace them with pedestrian-delaying traffic lights at a cost of roughly $1 million.

A petition against is at change.org/p/save-upgrade-alex


#sydney #urbanism #auspol

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